Feedback from young people sent via the WeChat social media tool directly after a screening of the film in Guiyang

Linya: First, I would like to thank the director for showing us such a great film. As we journey through life, we just have to hold onto our dreams. We must not give up on them – that way, heaven will help us make them a reality! Stay hungry! Stay foolish! When I see stories about people like this, it makes me conscious of my own life.

Hamu: It doesn’t matter whether you’re an entrepreneur or just a normal person – doing your own thing under your own steam, and allowing yourself to be driven by your interests is the most important thing. Whether or not it then becomes something big, whether or not it has an impact – that always becomes clear later. Perhaps this is the “feeling” that the world demands of you.

Yelang Hou: The Chinese Recipe – Bold and Smart is a documentary that shows Chinese people from three different generations, and the people they come into contact with. It is the story of people who hold onto their dreams in the magnificent times in which we are living. You could stick different labels on these people: private initiative, innovation, craftspeople, geeks, global outlook. I am grateful to the director, Jürg Neuenschwander, for so realistically documenting these Chinese people who are doing things their own way with such innovation and entrepreneurism. It is a miniature snapshot of history. Now is the perfect time to realize your dreams!

Liang: Democratizing technology – a really, really great idea!

Yiqiu: This film is really interesting. It shows us in a completely different context.

Kada Liao: Every person is a drop of water in the river of history. If you are part of the maker movement, you want to realize your dream and thereby make your mark at a really young age. Regardless of whether or not you succeed, these experiences are extremely precious. I am grateful to Jürg Neuenschwander and his team for having made such a great documentary!

Tiger: When you are setting up a company, what is more important: innovation or luck?

Wang Dao:
Delight in life, yield to fate,
Enjoy life and create something great,
Carry water, chop down trees, chop down trees, carry water – nothing else.
Only heaven knows if it will have an effect.
Everyone slogs away, does what they have to do, reaps the results, follows nature.

Wang Yong: Never listen to what the others say. Do your own thing!