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Professor Wu Jie: Entrepreneurship, Chinese-style

Wu Jie, Professor of Digital Media at Tongji University, Shanghai The years during which Jürg Neuenschwander spent most of his time in China were the years after the Olympic Games, which marked a turning point in China’s relationship with the West. It was no longer a case of simply importing technology, but about collaborating. And […]

Betty Liu: Innovation from China – The Next Big Thing!

Betty Liu, journalist Borrow, but do not “copy.” Upgrade, but do not make the same mistakes. China is still generally viewed as a country where everything is shanzhai, or copied. The latest film by Swiss director Jürg Neuenschwander also seems, at first glance, to be dealing with this subject. But in reality, it is actually […]

Professor Hans-Georg Knopp – It’s not that Simple

Professor Hans-Georg Knopp is a cultural scholar, former secretary-general of the Goethe Institute in Munich, and former director of Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. He lives in Shanghai. The Chinese copy stuff! Sure, everyone knows that, and the topic is often discussed with a certain malice and arrogance – as if the only […]

Markus Mugglin – Insight into an Unfamiliar China

Markus Mugglin, business journalist, former managing editor on the SRF show Echo der Zeit If someone copies your product, you shouldn’t complain – you should feel honored. After all, Chinese managers, developers, and startup entrepreneurs only copy drones, audio equipment, and feed mills if they rate the quality highly. This is the subject of the […]

Qiongma – A Fresh, Very Special Sound

Qiongma, playwright, screenwriter, ophthalmologist Thanks to his objective, relaxed view of the world and to his minimalistic, pared-down style, he succeeds in capturing “real life.” His keen, yet extremely delicate observation delivers a deep insight into reality. This style has been the director’s trademark for some time, and is also very much to the fore […]

Professor Hua Dong – Chineseness

By Hua Dong, Professor of Inclusive Design I enjoyed every minute of The Chinese Recipe. The film is structured and edited in such a way that it engages the audience for the full 90 minutes. I think both Chinese and non-Chinese audiences will find something that interests them in this film. It is surprising that […]